World of Prostitution: Who is a Prostitute


Who is a Prostitute? – Hello, friends, it`s time to be a little bit SILLY. Prove now that you know what you say by saying what you know. I want us to reason this out. There are so many words we use but don`t actually know.

It may rather be to us as was the misfortune of St. Augustine, that we know these words only before we have not been asked to explain them. So, today I want `WE` to tell `US` what the word `PROSTITUTE` actually means. Like;

World of Prostitution

What makes a Prostitute?

Silly question right?

But let`s look at this. A prostitute is:

1. A woman, or other person, who performs a sexual activity for payment

Here we have SEX and PAYMENT. This in essence would include

  1. A female who agrees to sleep (SEX) with a male so that her bride price can be paid ( PAYMENT)
  2. A wife asking her husband for money to fix her hair before he will be allowed to feast on her thighs.
  3. A mother who accepted a sex proposal from her husband`s friend just to pay her husband`s debt.
  4. A person who had sex with a landlord or landlady to clear rent.
  5. A person who had Sex to keep a job.

Are all of these people prostitutes???

If yes, it means that it doesn`t matter the number of times it was done. Oh oh oh. I was thinking the number of times also counts. Look at this… A Prostitute could be also:

#2. A woman, or other person, who is perceived as engaging in sexual activity with many people. Waooo. You see not just the number of times but also the number of persons. Here we have MANY PEOPLE. This is rather not clear because I really cannot tell what number qualifies as many. If many means from 2 above, then, This will include:

  1. A person with or has to be with more than one wife (girlfriend) or husband (boyfriend).
  2. A person who has been raped by different other persons.
  3. A madwoman with whom unknown men usually come to take turns.
  4. A person who has had so many failed relationships.

Paying attention to both Nos. 1 & 2 definitions of PROSTITUTE, we can discover that two phrases seem to be strongly involved in the making of a prostitute.

The two phrases involved in the making of a prostitute

1. Sex for payment

2. Sex with many – This is to say that to qualify as a prostitute, it is either you have had sex with many of you had it for payment. The combination of the two is more than a qualification. Looking at the above examples under either of NO. 1 or 2, it becomes almost impossible for anyone who has had sex not to qualify as a prostitute.

So at this juncture, you should ask yourself what you intend to communicate when you decide to tag someone as a prostitute. The silly question still stands. What Makes a Prostitute???

Maybe all are prostitutes or none is??? you tell us..

Societal Perspectives and Stigma

World of Prostitution

Prostitution often faces severe societal stigma, making it challenging for sex workers to access basic rights and support systems. Discrimination and social marginalization contribute to the cycle of vulnerability and perpetuate the challenges faced by those involved in sex work. Addressing the stigma requires a shift in societal attitudes and the implementation of supportive policies.

Legal Frameworks:

A Global Patchwork

The legal status of prostitution varies widely around the world. Some countries have decriminalized or legalized sex work, providing regulatory frameworks to protect sex workers’ rights. In contrast, others maintain strict criminalization, which can lead to increased vulnerability and exploitation. Analyzing the impact of different legal approaches is essential for developing effective policies that prioritize the well-being of sex workers.

Challenges Faced by Sex Workers

Sex workers encounter a myriad of challenges, including health risks, violence, and lack of access to legal protections. Addressing these issues requires a comprehensive approach that involves healthcare initiatives, legal reforms, and social support systems. Empowering sex workers through education and access to resources is vital for improving their overall well-being.


Towards a More Inclusive Discourse

In conclusion, the world of prostitution is multifaceted, and understanding it requires a nuanced perspective that goes beyond stereotypes. By acknowledging the diversity within the sex work industry and addressing the root causes of vulnerability, societies can work towards creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for sex workers.

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