How acidic foods can damage your health

How acidic foods can damage your health

Acidic Foods are good items that are rich in acid content or that have a high level of acidity in them. Acidity can be referred to as a state when the level of acid is high. The pH value explains acidity in the simplest of ways.

It shows you figures that are easy to understand so you can easily tell with the help of the OH value if a solution or a substance is acidic.

  •  High level of acidity – PH 0
  • Acidic – PH 1-6
  • Neutral – PH 7
  • Base – PH 8-13
  • High level of Base or Alkalinity – PH 14

Foods with high acidic content

If you have a problem with acidity, you can try to cut down on the number of acidic foods you eat. Sometimes you need them, sometimes your body needs them, but they should not be taken in excess.

Any food with a pH value lower than 4.6 is an acidic food with a very high acidic level. It shouldn`t be taken in quantity by people with acidic problem or not even by a healthy person.

They should be taken in little portions and often to maintain a healthy body. Some of which are;

  • Some dairy product
  • Fish
  • Sugar
  • Grain
  • Processed foods
  • Fresh meats and processed meats

Acidic Foods

How acidic foods can damage your health

Fruits and fruit juices

Some fruits are also acidic, yes you read right. They contain a very high level of acidic content in them which can also be harmful to the body.

Although these are natural sources of nutrients, they could also cause harm to patients with acidic problems if taken in quantity and frequency.

Most of the fruits belong to the grape family, they are meant to be consumed but not in large quantities. They also provide some nutritional values to the body.

Some of those fruits and their pH content are listed below;

  • Apple – pH 3.30 – 4.00
  • Blue Berries – pH 3.12 – 3.33
  • Blue Plums – pH 2.80 – 3.40
  • Grapes – pH 2.90 – 3.82
  • Grapefruit – pH 3.00 – 3.75
  • Lemon juice – pH 2.00 – 2.60
  • Limes – pH 2.00 – 2.80
  • Oranges – pH 3.69 – 4.34
  • Peaches – pH 3.30 – 4.05
  • Pomegranate – pH 2.93 – 3.20
  • Tomatoes – pH 4.30 – 4.90

The Impact of Acidic Foods on Your Health

Acidic foods are a common part of many diets, but their consumption can have significant consequences for your health. Understanding the effects of acidic foods on the body is crucial for making informed dietary choices and maintaining overall well-being.

From the above, we can see that citrus fruits have high acidic content and hence can contribute to Ulcer or Reflux pains and symptoms.

Fruit juices are also acidic so you are advised to use a straw to avoid the fruit juice having direct contact with your teeth.

Even with the high acidic content of the fruit, you are always advised to take some for other nutritional values.

Vegetables and their pH value

Vegetables especially fresh vegetables are usually not acidic. They are healthy to eat and generally cause no harm to the body. They add to the body`s nutritional content and also help to boost and help the body to fight against external enemies.

The vegetable show is taken fresh or cooked for a very short time in order to maintain it`s nutritional value. Here is a list of some vegetables and their pH value

  • Beets – pH 5.30 – 6.60
  • Broccoli – pH 6.30 – 6.85
  • Cabbage – pH 5.20 – 6.80
  • Callard green – pH 6.50 – 7.50
  • Corn – pH 5.90 – 7.50
  • Mushroom – pH 6.00 – 6.70
  • Sauerkraut – pH 3.30 – 3.60

Drinks High in Acid

Some drinks are also high in acids, a very good example is beer and also hot chocolate made from a package of cocoa mix. These drinks are high in acid and should not be taken often. Rather they should be replaced by mineral sodas or sparkling water.

Even if alcohol must be taken, red and white wine should be taken in place of the beer. This is because they are also low in acidic content compared to the beer.

Low Acidic Foods

Some foods, fruits, and drinks are low in acidic content which makes them more healthy to consume. Some of those foods may include;

  • Fresh vegetables
  • Unsweetened yogurt and milk
  • Most fruits
  • Bean and lentils
  • Soy
  • Herbs and spices
  • Some whole grain
  • Herbal tea
  • Fat

Effects of eating Acid Foods

  • Acidic foods can cause some deadly illnesses like
  • Kidney stone, cancer, Heart problem, Liver problem.


While acidic foods are a common part of many diets, understanding their potential impact on health is crucial. From digestive issues to dental health concerns and the risk of chronic diseases, moderation and balance are key. Consider incorporating more alkaline foods into your diet to promote overall health and well-being.

These and many more are the various illnesses caused by acidic food. So do well to avoid them a healthy living. Chick here

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